Some workshops are recorded (in their entirety) and made freely available here. Minimal edits removed any student work time and breakout room time and inserted spacers to identify any off-line activities.

BT101 Draw & Tell with John Walsh (link)

ST101 Storytelling 101 with John Walsh (link)

ST111 Passing on Stories of Faith & Family with Mary Claire Anderson (link)

GA100 Narrative Bible Teaching Series with Dr. Mark Getz (link)

GA901 Writing Biblical Poetry with Phyllis Hostmeyer (link)

SA101 BibleTelling for Children’s Ministry with Dr. Mickie O’Donnell (link)

SA301 Recognizing Bible Story Worldviews with Dr. Anne Alexander (link)

SA700 Small Group Dialogue Series with Phyllis Hostmeyer (link) – includes ALL workshop in the series