Menu of Workshops

1. Poetry as Bible Study
Phyllis Hostmeyer

This unique workshop will demonstrate how to write poems in response to a Bible story. Participants will see how writing a simple poem in a small group leads to a deeper understanding of the Bible story. Prior experience in creating poetry and background knowledge of literary devices is not required for success. Rather, a willingness to play, share ideas, and revise will let you dazzle all with your brilliance. Completed poems can be published at the Bible Story web page. (2 – 6 hours depending on how many types of poems you want to learn.)

2. Understanding the Question
Phyllis Hostmeyer
This workshop is for anyone creating, leading, or participating in a question-driven Bible study. Come and learn the four types of questions common to Bible study. Once we understand the type of question being asked, we will know where to look for the answer. This is called question – answer relationship. Participants will work in groups to identify the types of questions, write questions for each category, and then arrange them in an order that will lead to deeper discussions and insights. (2 hours)

3. Using Graphic Organizers for Bible Study
Phyllis Hostmeyer

How many times have you participated in a Bible study and never spoken a word? You have ideas and insights but sharing with a group is intimidating. How many times have you led a Bible study only to encounter a wall of silence after asking a question? Come learn how to use graphic organizers that guarantee active dialogue among all participants. You will learn how to pair an organizer with Scripture to ensure dialogue and a deeper understanding of Scripture. Twelve organizers will be provided.  (Since there are 12 organizers, this workshop can fill 2 to 6 hours depending upon the number of organizers presented.)

4. Writing SMART Goals
Phyllis Hostmeyer

Learn how to write goals that are Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic & Relevant – Time-based. Using the SMART method helps individuals and teams to create concise goals and action steps that will keep everyone on track. (1 – 2 hours)

5. Incorporating Scripture into Personal Storytelling
Phyllis Hostmeyer

Although Scripture was written centuries ago, it provides inspiration and direction for our daily lives.  This workshop will demonstrate how to incorporate Scripture into personal stories. Whether you are a professional teller or someone sharing stories with family, learning how to embed Scripture appropriately can add depth to your stories. (1 hour)

6. Connect with People Through Storytelling     45 minutes      
Mary Claire Anderson
In this workshop, you will discover how you, your story, and your presentation can connect with your audience more effectively. Learn how you can create a bridge to another’s heart by how you prepare yourself and your story, as well as how to be self-forgetting as you share your story. Strengthen your connection to those you disciple whether they are in an auditorium, a classroom, or on the other side of the coffee table.

7. Combining Personal Stories with Bible Stories     45 minutes       
Mary Claire Anderson
Use two methods to develop stories that combine personal experiences and BibleTelling into one presentation. We will explore ways to help others see the relevance of Scripture by juxtaposing passages with contemporary stories. We will look for the themes of Biblical passages that connect to ourselves and those around us.

8. Ah Ha! the Bible is a Story!
Dr. Mark Getz
The Bible is a complex collection of different types of literature written by many authors over a long period of time.  What holds this collection together?  Certainly one of the answers to that question is the underlying storyline that starts at the beginning and goes on to the end.  Once that defined storyline is recognized, it can be identified throughout the entire collection.  We will introduce the basic structure of this overarching narrative and hear some stories about what it was like when people first saw it.

9. Themes (and Story Sets) for Understanding the Whole Bible
Dr. Mark Getz and Dr. Stan Nussbaum
The books of the Bible are tied together by the story of how God has been working in the lives of his people to accomplish his purposes.  Since this narrative is so crucial to understanding the significance of the resurrection of Jesus within this plan, it is important to communicate it well.  We will look at some strategies and ideas that have been used to accomplish this task in different ways.

10. How to Learn Bible Stories without Memorizing
Don Falkos
Don will guide participants through various activities designed to assist in learning and remembering a Bible story. These activities will include the fun “Draw and Tell” (no artistic talent needed) and the surprisingly effective “Multi-Translation Roundtable.” The methods you learn will allow you to tell a Bible story without having to memorize anything.

11. Storytelling 101  90 minutes
John Walsh
Telling a personal experience helps in counseling, business negotiations, parenting, preaching, and many other situations. This workshop reveals all the secrets of those who can tell a great personal story. It shows how an ordinary event in a person’s life can be developed into a fascinating story.

12. BibleTelling 101  two 90-minute sessions
John Walsh
Being able to tell a large number of Bible stories requires learning them without memorizing words. Telling a Bible story should be like describing a delicious meal. A person simply tells what they see in their imagination. It doesn’t require memorizing. These two workshops teach people to do that with Bible stories.

13. BibleTelling 201  two 90-minute sessions
John Walsh
Prerequisite: BibleTelling 101. Most Bible stories are not difficult to tell. It simply involves practicing the principles taught in BibleTelling 101. These two workshops are for those who want to go further in developing their skills. It involves learning more difficult stories.

14. Life Skills from the book of Proverbs  90 minutes
John Walsh
This book is based on a course that has been used for more than 20 years in Christian high schools across the nation and foreign countries. It is now available in an adult version and is being used in small groups, prisons, and homeless shelters. It is course of study that is designed to involve everyone in practical activities that relate to the wisdom found in Proverbs. This workshop shows how to lead the course successfully.

15. The Art of Storytelling   four 90-minute sessions
John Walsh
These four workshops are based on John’s book, published by Moody Publishers. It is a fun and interactive workshop that completely changes how people tell stories. They will learn how to prepare and present a story that is unforgettable.

16. Telling the Whole Bible Story
Dr. Stan Nussbaum
American culture gives us a golden opportunity to share the story of the gospel not as an explanation of religious concepts but as an actual story of a public awareness campaign, a campaign that Jesus came to earth to promote and to die for. In this session we will look at the campaign’s origin, message, goals, and methods as well as the remarkable way that all attempts to block the campaign backfired and promoted it. We will consider what all that has to do with us, the current members of Jesus’s campaign team, as we live and retell the story of the best campaign ever.

17. Symphony of Stories
Penny McLain
Symphony: an elaborate, multipart musical composition that comes together in harmony. Like a symphony, Biblical storytelling is also a multipart composition that comes together in harmony. Come learn techniques, activities, and ideas that will help your small group delve into one Bible story per week. These weekly stories will blend into one harmonious story that sings the praises of God and His love for us.

18. Storyteller in Africa at Age 9
Grace Miller
When I was 9 and living in Sierra Leone, Africa, I started a Sunday school telling Bible stories in my church. Here’s how the next 6 years there shaped my worldview, gave me a strong foundation, and prepared me for everyday ministry here in the United States.

19. Crafting a Captivating Story
Don Falkos
How do you take a fable, a folk tale, or any other type of story from the printed page and bring it to life? In this session, participants will learn a detailed process for doing exactly that. We will work together to develop a story from start to finish. Along the way, we will explore the use of facial expressions, gestures, pausing, and other storytelling tools to improve the presentation of our ever-developing story.

 20. Warning: Hot Button Bible Story Topics
Dr. Mark Getz and Panel
Using storytelling and narrative communication techniques to teach the Bible is common in some settings and rarely used in others.  Also, many of the Bible stories themselves can make people uncomfortable.  We will look at these kinds of issues that can be a barrier to using narrative teaching styles and their application to the story of the Bible.  Then we will discuss ways to sensitively address them.

21. Why THEIR Worldview Matters
Dr. Anne Alexander
Learn to address today’s questions by choosing stories that will speak clearly to listeners’ hearts using Biblical themes. The Bible is as life-changing today as ever.

22.Language Olympics: Bible-based Literacy Course
Jan Walsh

This workshop presents a simple and effective program that helps students and adults learn to read or improve their reading. It is designed for one-on-one tutoring and uses Bible stories as its base. You don’t need teachers with advanced degrees to implement this program. Anyone who knows how to read and write can help another person who wants to learn. The tutor’s job is to sit and help a student go through their workbook.

We explain the step-by-step process for implementing this ministry in your church, after-school tutoring, prison ministry, or homeless shelter.

23. Language Olympics: ESL for English Language Learners–Mission Opportunity at Your Doorstep
Jan Walsh

Our country has an everincreasing number of refugees and immigrants. This workshop examines a proven Language Olympics program that helps Internationals learn English with one-on-one tutoring. It uses Bible stories as its base and doesn’t require a degree in ESL. Anyone who reads, writes, and speaks English can help another person learn English. The tutor’s job is to sit and help a student go through their workbook. Come and learn how to use the personal touch of one-on-one tutoring and the power of God’s stories to share God’s love with the internationals around you.

There are two levels of Language Olympics training – Beginning and Advanced. The beginning books contain 30 Old Testament stories, while the advanced books contain 30 New Testament stories. As students learn English, they also increase in the knowledge of God’s Word and gain spiritual understanding.

24. BibleTelling Seminars in Bible Lands and Youth Discipleship   60 minutes
Rog Schmidgall and John Walsh
Learn about options for members of your church or group to participate in a BibleTelling Seminar in Israel-Jordan and/or Turkey-Greece-Rome. These unique seminars feature each tour participant learning and sharing 2-4 Bible stories on location where the stories actually occurred. BibleTelling provides storytelling training prior to the seminars and leaders who provide Biblical background to the stories during the tour.  In-country tour guide partners provide historical and cultural background to the sites.

Also, hear and help shape BibleTelling’s vision for a multi-year, Bible story-focused Youth Discipleship program that would culminate with an immersive, high-impact, low(er)-cost BibleTelling Seminar in Israel. This ambitious and unique initiative will require commitment of motivated youth, youth group leaders, and parents.