BibleTelling: Life of Christ ~ helping your students learn to tell the stories of Jesus

This one-year interactive Bible course enables students to learn 36 stories of the life of Christ in chronological order, and tell them to others! BibleTelling is an innovative learning process where students learn to tell the stories of the Bible without memorizing.


Successful Living ~ wisdom studies in the book of Proverbs

A practical, one-year, in-depth Bible course that is used around the world by home school parents and Christian Schools, covering such topics as: attitudes towards authority, how to be successful, gaining a proper attitude toward God, understanding money, resolving conflicts, developing good relationships, choosing friends wisely, facing life’s temptations, making right choices, and establishing priorities. These are just some of the vital topics that will impact your students’ hearts and minds as they study the Word of God in the book of Proverbs.


Nutrition Science ~ a Biblical and practical approach to nutrition

This one-semester course could be used as a credit in Science, Health, or Home Economics. These beautiful work-texts (including projects and recipes) are bursting with well researched information in such areas as: the importance of a balanced diet, seven major nutrients in food, good and bad fats, complex carbohydrates and simple carbohydrates, importance of drinking enough water, principles of combining proteins, vitamins, minerals, fruits & vegetables, lifetime weight management, and what the Bible says about nutrition. This study will not only teach your students about health, but will also promote better health in their lives!


Creative Communications Skills ~ a speech class with a focus on storytelling

Using the book, The Art of Storytelling, (by John Walsh) as its text, this easy-to-use, one-semester course teaches basic skills of communication and public speaking. Woven into the material are practical exercises and assignments to have the students put into practice the skills they are learning.


Our Illinois Heritage ~ a character study from the history of Illinois

More than a Illinois history course! This is a character study of people who have impacted our state and our nation. 1/2 year credit in Social Studies or a Character Study elective.