CSC 2023 Selected Sessions

Session 1: Dr. Mark Getz: Ah Ha! the Bible is a Story!



Session 2: Dr. Mark Getz and Dr. Stan Nussbaum: Themes (and Story Sets) of understanding the Whole Bible

Slide deck



Session 3: Don Falkos: How to Learn Bible Stories without Memorizing



Session 4: John Walsh and Panel: Using Bible Stories in Personal Ministry


Story Concert

  1. Don Falkos – A Colorful Ancestry (Ruth) –  not recorded due to technical issues
  2. Penny McLain – The Acorn That God Forgot – only partially recorded due to technical issues
  3. Chris Albin – Foundations 
  4. John Walsh – The Sermon on the Mount 
  5. Larry Dinkins – The Cremation of Sam McGee 
  6. Mary Claire Anderson – Robert Smalls 


Session 5a: Dr. Stan Nussbaum: Telling the Whole Bible Story



Session 6b: Grace Miller: Storytelling in Africa at Age 9



Session 8b: Dr. Larry Dinkins: Orality in Missions, Memory and Meta-Narratives



Session 9: Dr. Mark Getz: Hot Button Bible Story Topics



Session 10: Don Falkos and Friends – Where Do We GoFrom “HEAR”?