About Christian Storytelling Network

Equipping and Empowering Christian Workers

Christian Storytelling Network (CSN) has a passion to equip Christian workers with the powerful tool of storytelling! Our seminars, trainings and products are designed to improve communication skills and bring storytelling to a higher level of professionalism.

– 75% of the Bible is written in story form.
– Jesus was known for his storytelling.
– God has put the gift of storytelling in every human being.
– Everyone has a tendency to listen when a story is told

God has placed a high value upon storytelling. Renewing this art is key to reaching men and women, boys and girls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Few churches are able to adequately train their Christian workers in this vital art. Our trained storytellers conduct workshops around the nation to fulfill this need. Our most popular seminar is Making a Story Unforgettable.

Our objective is to:

• provide a network for Christian storytellers across the nation
• challenge prospective Christian storytellers about this ministry
• provide a listing of Christian storytellers to interested organizations
• provide resources and training for Christian storytellers

Perhaps you have attended one of our seminars and have been challenged with this ministry. Do you want to join our team of storytellers and increase your impact upon the Christian community? Contact us today and ask about our schedule of trainings.


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